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Table Media Meditation

June 6, 2021

Listen to your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Once again: Breathe in. Breathe out. Try not to control your breathing let the flow come naturally as it happens. Now call an image to your inner eye. Call it very slowly.

The image is an image of an empty table. You can think of your spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Tables or Open Office table. You may also think of the ancient table that is printed in a book. To release the energy of the day, make sure you are thinking of an empty table.

All your work today is done. You don't need to fill in anything. You don't need to fill in data, you don't have to think about table headings, you don't have to think about format, and you don't have to think about operations like summarize or sort alphabetically. You have before you in this relaxing table media meditation just an empty table. It is the end of the day. You don't need to fill the table. It can remain empty. You're just seeing a grid and the grid provides security, stability, order, borders, and overview.

Listen to your breath while your inner eye gazes over the emptiness of the table. Try to avoid thoughts of the tasks which should be recorded in the table. Avoid thinking of the processes which you usually formalize in such a table. Make sure the table in front of you stays empty. All your work today is done. All your work today has been a success. Try to get rid of negative emotions. Inside the table space everything is positive. If you observe any negative emotions, send them gracefully away, beyond the tables borders.

You can relax now. Listen to your breath. Evoke once again the image of an empty table. Enjoy its emptiness, the quiet and the rigidness of the grid. It provides security. Keep this security with you.

Thank you for being with me in this table media meditation. It ends now. Go to sleep the day is over.

Francis Hunger

Wednesday, 22nd December 2021

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